ISDN PRI, also known as Integrated Service Digital Network Primary Rate Interface, is also offered by Tele1ten for all size of business, be it short-term, medium-term or long-term business. Such types of business require intense amount of communication. All the information can be accessed with the help of the internet but in order to take the advantage of such enhancements, you are in dire need of a high speed internet connection. Cleanest connection is provided by the ISDN digital technology so you won’t be interrupted, and certainly will not be slowed down in case re-transmissions that happens sometimes.


PRI is basically used for official purposes. The foundation is located on a T1 line in US, and E1 line in Europe. It tends to be an ISDN which is equivalent to a T1 circuit. It is generally a part of ISDN. It offers 23 phone lines. The remaining channels are used in providing signaling and data. The ISDN is said to be an integrated line which possess the ability to carry both telephone calls and internet data. If you are out looking for constant phone and reliable internet service, then ISDN could be the best choice for you. The integration of voice and data circuit will signify the best values for phone services delivering both voice and data at a time. Multiple DSO voice as well as data between two particular physical locations is transported by ISDN.


Salient features of ISDN:

  • DID or Direct Inward Calling feature

  • Reversed Direct Inward Dialing

  • Caller Line Identification

  • Call by call routing feature

  • Dynamic allocation of port

Benefits of ISDN

  • It is economical as well as efficient

  • It increases speed and quality

  • It is more flexible and increases productivity

  • It also provides instant access on voice and net

  • It provides increased channels for multiple call at a time

Applications used on ISDN are as follows:

  • Electronic data processing

  • If private lines go down, Dial backup links can be used

  • Data transmission on both LAN and WAN

  • PBX-to-central office connections


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