Digital Voice T1

Digital Voice T1

The T1 (trunk) digital lines were urbanized to restore the analog lines that interrelated the local telephone offices (CO, central office) in the USA. The CO's were connected using 4-wire lines, and reliability distribution multiplexing to get enough bandwidth to handle enough calls between local offices. Every call was allocated 3 kHz of bandwidth, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, etc. on the trunk line.

We provide a flexible solution engineered for business-class performance. Digital Voice T1 is most suitable for business which revolves around phone system. If you are into call centre business or any business which requires multiple line and high call volumes then you are at right place!

T1 technology proves to be a cost-effective means of linking voice and data. Use T1 in inter-office and intra-office. It serves as alternative to high speed modems for data transport. We customize voice solution to meet your needs. Professional, experienced team members perform all onsite installations and activations. Each of the 24 channels on a T1 line is versatile.

Benefits of Digital Voice T1

  • An economic and reliable solutions

  • Save your time by spending less time in routing calls

  • Assign different phone numbers to each employee, fax machine and modem

  • Various options are available including inbound and outbound long distance

  • Tailor a unique T-1 solution for optimal performance

  • Empower yourself to monitor your calling patterns

Salient Features of Digital Voice T1

  • Get 24 voice channels

  • Digital handoff

  • Provides inbound and outbound service

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

  • Outbound Caller ID Number


The high quality , high definition audio experience and access to the advanced presence enabled features users should only expect.


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