Internet Service

Internet Services

Tele1ten offers you a completely safe and well-managed WAN or wide area network services which comprise inter-functionality. Now, you can also build or amplify your WAN Environment using advanced security.

Internet is a fast expanding world where it is equally important to keep pace with newer advancements. We have made sure this approach in our IP services and geared them up for next generation demands in your business together with state-of-the-art networking technology. This is the reason we can promise you quick, user friendly and unwavering internet accessibility all the time.

Steadfast Advantages of IP Solution:

  • Acquire customized solutions for your specific niche or business with the help of modularity of IP solution.
  • It is quite economical as you neither have to change the existing CPE nor the prevailing networking arrangement.
  • You enjoy flexibility when using IP solution for any internet or extranet access and to design multiple nodes. This is additionally a protection to connect with remote locations, your business associates, vendors, suppliers and the end users.
  • You feel empowered with the safe, managed, inter-functional assortment of unrivaled L2 and L3 WAN services and local access because of the MPLS-enabled network backbone of IP Solution.
  • Merging L2 and L3 platforms into a single interrelated network, MPLS platform keeps you happy all the time with its extremely presentable network protocol. Moreover, you can simply amaze with its user-friendliness noticing that customer and NSP or network service providers operational are reduced, thereby lessening economic panic as a consequence of conventional WAN services and network security technologies.
  • IP Solution uses the highly advanced MPLS network technology to encompass United States’ domestic market. MPLS network is the brainchild of telecom giants. 


You access to a fast paced connectivity and simplified telecommunication is just a step away. Call us today for a sensational telecom experience!

The high quality , high definition audio experience and access to the advanced presence enabled features users should only expect.


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