Phone Service

Phone Service


Internet phone, basically known as VoIP or Voice-over Internet Protocol, is a service that usually works when you tap your existing broadband internet connection. You certainly do not need the services provided by the conventional phone companies. Rather, you can rely on such particular source which can be said as the best.


When you are all set to conduct business, we provide you easy, affordable and reliable aspects by recognizing and distinguishing its essentiality at Tele1ten. For management and maintenance in the means of ease and suitability, our phones lines are specifically designed to provide you such services for the sake of your complete satisfaction. Technology has made a radiant growth nowadays that enables us to take an advantage of it. Such technology makes us to provide you the best services. You can also have an access to the advanced features with high quality and high definition audio experience.


The services are specifically designed for home based users. For making international calls without any regrets, don’t hesitate, and certainly do not fear for the bulky monthly bills. You home calling costs will be reduced by almost 80%. There are no long distance fees and no extra cost required for such services.


The high quality , high definition audio experience and access to the advanced presence enabled features users should only expect.


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