Tele1Ten Advantage

We proudly announce the launch of our exclusive telephony product line all over the nation. This product range is an outcome of our extensive experience, product development expertise and consistent incorporation of technological advancements.

To streamline it for your precise business, we have bundled our internet and voice product line into ready-to-use packages. Every product takes you into the next generation of digital quality voice and internet technology in its most novel form. Moreover, we have made sure that each of our products gives you the feel of customized solution at affordable prices.

You should have a glimpse of our enthusiastic product line has and how it meets your telecommunication demands in business:

Advantage Home Office

All those having a home based office setup must have an unfettering connectivity to be accessible. Our Home Office pack rightly matches the demands of home based professionals embracing multiple telephone lines, long distance calls and of course, a high speed internet with unlimited access.

Advantage Small Business™

Keeping in view the communication needs of small scale enterprises, here is a product that focuses high productivity, and does it cost-effectively. It has everything to facilitate smaller businesses such as retail outlets, restaurants, internet marketing companies, and other similar services.

Advantage Corporate America™

Our design and technical teams are adept at providing customized solutions for every business. Therefore, this product springs out from a perfect mix of experience and expertise particularly for your large size corporate house. It is compatible enough to precise IT configuration in your office and concurs well with your infrastructure.

Advantage Enterprise Solution ™

This is an innovative product and you may like it for its versatility! Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the product fits the bill, adjoining high speed internet and advanced telephony into a single package. What’s more, your benefit here is that the product is customized apropos your changing business priorities and growing needs.

The high quality , high definition audio experience and access to the advanced presence enabled features users should only expect.


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