N x T1

NxT1 service offered by Tele1ten features a money-spinning option for businesses that has been outgrown. The internet access speed will speed up from 3 mbps to 12 mbps with NxT1 service. It tends to be an assembly block in numerous MPLS/IP VPN solutions.

The MPLS/IP VPN allow companies to link their locations, domestically and internationally, with only one seamless IP network. Such type of network is able to run voice, video, and data with different QoS (Quality of Service) for each. The most basic advantage of purchasing multiple T1 circuits is the achievement of diversity across carrier backbones when used with a bundling protocol.

Large files across multiple logical data links are split, recombined, and then sequenced, and are sent evenly down to the entire carrier’s edge router of T1 in which they are placed back together in the exact order. Without any loss of bandwidth, this procedure is done instantaneously.

The supplying of NxT1 Access is done through a combination of software and hardware components providing better bandwidth balancing the traffic over multiple T1 bandwidth links loading automatically. As an optional service, many of our carriers will provide the essential Customer Premise Equipment. We will help you by researching the best available solution for your specific location and applications as well without any cost.


Key Advantages of NxT1

  • Coverage of total nationwide

  • Ability to bind multiple Internet T1s

  • Ability to tie up into MPLS/IP VPN networks

Free installation can also be provided!!

The high quality , high definition audio experience and access to the advanced presence enabled features users should only expect.


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