Tele1ten is here to offer you Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technologies. With the help of this technology, you can simply connect your PC to the internet. The speed of the internet will be boosted up when various frequencies allow DSL in encoding more data. It will speed to 50 times faster than modems, and 12 times faster than ISDN connections. In this generation, lightning fast speed in the working process is the only concern of people. In addition, it will offer more reliable bandwidth than the usual cable modems where multiple users can share higher bandwidth media. DSL is not a bus technology, and is the most affordable aspect regarding the access and transport method of the internet.
Various companies and individuals use our DSL service possessing a common thing – reliable and high transmission and access to the data where lightning fast speed is the topmost concern. Not only this, our services are also applicable to the telecommunication industries used by the network service providers, ISPs, local and public telephone companies, and lots more. Universities and hospitals are also taking a good advantage of our services where they concern high-speed data transmission at basics.
DSL is a low price option for an internet “access and transport" method.

Salient features of DSL:

  • Independent services - In case of the loss of high speed data transmission that happens unexpectedly, your telephone service will not be interrupted..  
  • Security – Each and every single subscriber can be configured so that it will not be on the same network.  
  • Integration – DSL will simply be interfaced with ATM, Nx64, and WAN technology making telecommuting easier.  
  • LSR Process - With such process, customer will be able to place their orders for DSL service, and can bill their end user..  
  • Line charges from the phone company will be cheaper.  
  • High bandwidth and good for heavy traffic patterns..  

The high quality , high definition audio experience and access to the advanced presence enabled features users should only expect.


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